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One of my favorite Abby Winters hairy girls is Liandra. Of course I love them all but I have a special spot for this furry Australian with the hairy underarms, hairy ass crack and super bush! This chicks loves to masturbate and this is from a hot set featuring that bright blue dildo you can spot in the corner of the frame.

liandra from abby winters masturbation

Did I not say super bush? You should see the video where she talks about her masturbation techniques. You should also see her telling the story about how she picked up another girl at a strip club, who took her home and shaved her… Then made Liandra hot and sweaty!

aw liandra hairy

Liandra has also done several awesome lesbian shoots, among them with Anneke, Ava, Matilda, Katya and a sizzling threeway with Katya Y. and Matilda. I’ll be sure and post those sometime in the future for those of you who aren’t convinced that this is the greatest amateur porn site ever made!

abby winters amateur liandra with the hairy pussy

20 Responses to “Lost in the Furry Bush of Naked Australian Liandra From Abby Winters”

  1. Linda Says:

    Liandra has is made. She is drop dead gorgeous on both ends. Beautiful face and hairy muff. Nothing is so alluring. Clean shaven is okay, but loses the female animal appeal. Us females are all exhibitionists and love to sport off everytning we got. Nothing does it better than a hairy pussy that starts up high on the belly, flares out to the hips and runs lasciviously down between the legs begging to be explored. This is the best adornment a woman has with a lot of visual shock value. A hairy female is irresistable by any measure. All that sexy hair gives females an edge over being clean shaven. That’s the way they were designed. Shaving off this asset is a downright shame, unless a female is fuzzy or sparce. Brunettes and flaming red heads have it made. Ya man.

  2. admin Says:

    Linda, you are my kinda gal!

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  4. chris Says:

    you all are fucking disgusting

  5. ita Says:

    I am impressed with the hairy pussy of this lady and would like to give her a nice fuck if she is willing to contact me via mail.

  6. ita Says:

    I am impressed with the hairy pussy of this lady and would like to give her a nice fuck if she is willing to contact me via mail.

  7. suresh Says:

    very intersted

  8. suresh Says:

    very intertested and lovly pic

  9. Rick Says:

    I think that Liandra is a very beautiful natural girl.I would love to fuck you in your hairy ass and your hairy pussy with my hard tounge.I love to fuck withmytounge.I don’t what it is but I love the taste of pussy.

  10. chloe Says:

    She is so beautiful. my mum brought me up 2 be naturally hairy and she makes it look so sexy. I luv her

  11. godwin Says:

    i need a very good hairy girl to love i am tall handsome black American can’t wait to see a reply lol.

  12. Randy Says:

    I know it was posted a long time ago, but I would just like to thank “Linda Says: December 10th, 2008″. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Real women have a full bush! I enjoyed the photos of Liandra too.

  13. jc the greatest Says:

    the best to look, smell taste and fuck for hours…save the planet, dont shave pussy.

  14. jc the greatest Says:

    the best to look, smell, taste and fuck for hours…save the planet, dont shave pussy.

  15. swapan Says:

    vagina just a full cup is better to see than fuck.To push finger and suck is a charmfull matter.

  16. John Says:

    How awesomely beautiful. The true beauty of this Liandra is all natural just as it should be and she is to be commended on the preservation of the framing of her womanhood

  17. Charlie Avila Says:

    Like I said, women are the most beautiful and wonderful creatures God put on Earth!!!…I love women and when I see them naked, I see the special characteristic God gave them, “the ability and capability to bring life to Earth”. They are the best of the best of the gifts god could provide men not to be alone. Besides, I love sexually hot women, I love their pussies, and I am in love with them all for ever and ever. I don’t find ugly women, to me them all are special beautiful, and the more sexually hot the better men should be proud of them. Men should treat them as princesses and queens and be in love with them for ever, protect them and provide them all they need to be happy and healthy I wish happiness to all women in the world!!!!….

  18. george336 Says:

    i love a iairy lady to datin my name is george i live in orlando fl i am 6ft 8in tall one love

  19. Seth Says:

    Lovely girl of my dreams, any natural hairy ladies near Richmond VA this dude is interested ;)

  20. Albert Says:

    very sexy


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