Naked Hairy Pussy Girls

A Naked Girl With a Hairy Pussy is Horny, Hairy and Happy!

A hairy sex lover’s dream, this is my favorite truth or dare game from Dare Ring, because these chicks are happy, horny, a little tipsy, a little sassy and very horny. They’re somewhere between hipster, Burning Man chicks, hippies, and I don’t know how else to categorize them. This is the coolest and some of the most erotic group sex scenes I’ve ever seen, especially thanks to the uninhibited playful fun all these kids get to indulge in with one another in twos, threes and more. And I also think that part of the fun thing about a group orgy scenario like this is seeing all the players playing with different people throughout the game. Not the boring ol’ partner swap be it in real life or the lame, lame, going-through-the-motions porn. This girl, making out with the hairy guy, is not that hairy but she does sport a nice full bush, a dark bush to boot which contrasts wonderfully with the dreadlocked hairy girl she makes out with, sucks cock with and whose beautiful pussy she licks!!


Oh yeah, so here’s the pierced, dreadlocked hippie chick I was just talking about. What’s she doing?


Actually, she’s spitting out some hot cum that she just got in her mouth from sucking off the guy in pic #1 who was getting blown by the first girl. The girls also licked each others’ hairy pussies and then double teamed this kid and were fighting over his penis - two girls, one guy, two mouths on one cock. Delightful, uninhibited, hairy group sex. Possibly one of the best things I have ever seen, EVER!

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    really good and make me cum


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